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Letterman Spam Control Pro

Most effective anti spam solution available today. *Filter and delete emails from Letterman
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8 December 2004

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    Now, an intelligent Spam control which saves you time and offers you intelligent solutions. With, Letterman Spam Control, you will not be controlled by Spam anymore, instead traces of Spam will be totally removed from your mailbox.
    With this software, your precious time will not be wasted trying to download all the emails and then choosing the unwanted ones from them. This software will delete unwanted emails directly from the mail server before they enter your Inbox. This would greatly increase your bandwidth efficiency. With this software, you don’t have to physically check each and every email from your mail message and delete unwanted ones. This software will do it for you. It will remain in the background and you would be able to focus your time and energy on more important things. It has a unique fuzzy logic engine which is highly effective in filtering Spam without obstructing legitimate mail.
    This software is extremely easy to work with and makes no costly mistakes. Use this software today and get rid of unwanted email.

Publisher's description

Most effective anti spam solution available today. -* Filter and delete emails on the server from Letterman or Outlook, Outlook Express. -* Distinguish between Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean charset. -* Block connections from emails. -* Hide trace from spammers. -* Customisable predefined system rules. -* Found V1AgR@, via gra, V.ia_gr^a, V.I.A.G.R.A. -* POP3, Web based Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo access. -* Protects children from inappropriate email. -* Life time free upgrade.
Letterman Spam Control Pro
Letterman Spam Control Pro
Version 3.3.265
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